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The ways of the world are changing, and through the magic of the internet we are now able to connect in incredible ways.  Connect for trades with other entrepreneurs in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. is a tool for finding new business and new business relationships, built on a solid foundation of real values and recipricol exchange.  As your business grows via barter and trade you'll find yourself discovering the joys and prosperity of community economics.

The American dollar has already lost over 97% (try this)of its origional value.  Through the printing of more and more money by the Federal Reserve, and through more and more debt creation to stimulate the economy, recent macro economic changes have pointed the USD to a path of drastic and rapid inflation.  Some say the best way to protect your earnings is to buy and hold Gold.  While this may be sound wisdom, an even safer idea may be to use your assets to build up your own business, setup your home with a garden of food, and develop direct connections with local providers of the goods and services that you use every day.  This grassroots approach to economics will help insulate and protect us from the unpredictable market fluxuations and money devaluation that is inherent in the system at large.

New ways of bartering and trading are the answer to a secure economy
for us as individuals and for the community around us.

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  • Save Cash!
  • Move excess inventory
  • Build relationships
  • Expand your markets
  • Get more of what you want
  • Do more deals
  • Have fun!

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