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Numero Set

MTG has partnered with NumeroSet
We encourage everyone to consider using the established point system of the Numero, as an added option for making deals. The Numero is used by over two hundred people and is a twin cities based active network with transparent statistics of activities.  The Numero Set culture is also invited to use to post their offerings and wishes in our online directory.

Numero users - Join the Numero Group to stay especially connected.
You can transfer Numero directly through the MTG website, and on your smartphone! We're strategically aligning complimentary strengths so that MTG and the Numero remain autonomous while bringing individual strengths/action into harmonious cooperation.

More about the Numero (visit


10 Numero

  • Start with 20 Numero for free
  • Pay the 10 Numero Setup fee
  • Spend or save your remaining 10 free Numero
  • Win win


  • Debt free equal distribution economics
  • Unregulated free market
  • No allegiance, commitment or obligation requirements


  • Never spend a dollar to make a Numero
  • Never earn a Numero you can't spend
  • Sell for dollars before you sell for Numero
  • Buy with Numero before you buy with dollars


  • Request to have an account created (referrals only)
  • You are assigned an account number and a balance of 0 Numero
  • Numero is transfered at the Nu-Market or by using theonline form
  • Receipts are emailed for each transaction
  • Personal monthly statements sent when there is a change in balance


  • A Numero has no physical or ideological representation
  • Numero Set has nothing to do with the dollar or any other money system
  • Numero Set has no relationship with any government, corporation or organization


Numero Set is available only in the Twin Cities Minnesota. If you live outside of this area and you would like to create your own version of Numero Set for your community contact the email address below. More information about the specific design will be made available to you. 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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  • Save Cash!
  • Move excess inventory
  • Build relationships
  • Expand your markets
  • Get more of what you want
  • Do more deals
  • Have fun!

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