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Full Membership

If you are interested in learning more about Full Membership services,
please complete this Short Survey so we can get better acquainted. Once we understand your business (or skills or products) we'll have one of our experienced barter experts begin working on a custom plan for your trading strategies. You'll be introduced to a barter facilitator, who will help you make the deals you're looking for inside our own network or through contacts in the barter industry. This level of membership is suggested for anyone who is serious about proactively using barter and trade to grow their business in a resilient and expansive way..

Full Members get to use the barter offer system and trade credits, which we'll help you spend towards the things you need and want. Our promoters will even seek out new members to hit you're wish list.

Full Members do more deals.

Membership fees get split five ways:

  • To reward the person who invited you.
    (You can earn usd this way too)
  • To buy lunch for the person who
    helps you develop your custom barter plan.
  • To the accountant and printer.
    (for 1099b filings - IRS requirement)
  • To cover in house operating expences.
    Such as web hosting, phone bills, etc.
  • Coffee for the coders.

Join fee is also to show that you're serious about participating.
It shows us your committment and dedication to utilizing our full powers,
to be personally connecting you with your wish fulfillment parties.

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  • Save Cash!
  • Move excess inventory
  • Build relationships
  • Expand your markets
  • Get more of what you want
  • Do more deals
  • Have fun!

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About MTG

With our friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues,

we're bringing together everyone we can.

Post your wishes and offers in the directory,

Make it your trade group.

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