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direct barter promotes direct barter exchanges as the ultimate way to make a deal.  This is always free, and always will be.  When you and another member can do a direct deal, that is, when there is what's called 'coincidence of wants', there is no need for any record keeping or middle man fees.  We strongly believe in this policy and encourage everyone to do direct barters whenever possible.  A double coincidence of wants means that you happen to have what the other person wants, and the other person happens to have what you want.  This is pure barter and is an exciting and fun way to make a trade.

Browse the barter directory and if you see a listing for a product you want, contact them and see if they want to barter for whatever you've got to offer.  Remember to be friendly and open to the negotiating process.  If they are interested in what you're offering, if they're interested at all, there's usually a way to make a deal.  Be flexible, be generous, and you'll usually both feel like you came out ahead.

This is a very human connection for commerce, as us earthlings have been bartering since who knows when. Yet in the new millennium, on, full members also get to use the on site barter offer management system.  Offers can be a mix of direct barter, trade credits, and cash.  Again, flexibility is key for finding a deal that works for both parties.  This way you can have many offers going on and still keep track of open negotiations.

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    I am interested in bartering some office furniture for handyman service or a good portable evap cooler for a patio. or other products or services. How can I get involved?



  • Save Cash!
  • Move excess inventory
  • Build relationships
  • Expand your markets
  • Get more of what you want
  • Do more deals
  • Have fun!

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