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Why Barter and Trade?

"We have what we need, when we use what we have" - Edgar Kahn

main benefits: to save cash and increase purchasing power


  • broaden your network of customer relationships, some of which will also lead to cash via repeat business and word of mouth advertising.
  • make use of excess time/inventory. all assets must be utilized for maximum abundance.
  • greater sense of community
  • keep prosperity in the local circles
  • definitely brings people closer together on a human level
  • barter/trade is a marketing channel
  • adds to your cash business, not meant to replace cash unless a person prefers alt.commerce
  • use barter/trade/alt.currencies to build your business (i.e.- barter for a website, business cards, office space, consulting, accounting, and other business expenses) this will help your cash business grow as well.
  • when we do deals in a local network of alt.commerce, there is a spirit of bond between transacting parties that transcends the relationship of cash customers.
  • prosperity is about velocity.  the more we do, the more we earn.  alt.commerce is an open venue for action.
  • everyone has something to offer, even if they don't have a job or usd notes.
  • make good use of good things.
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  • Save Cash!
  • Move excess inventory
  • Build relationships
  • Expand your markets
  • Get more of what you want
  • Do more deals
  • Have fun!

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