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Thursday, 21 February 2013 04:09

What Next?

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Hello and thank you for being an essential part of our new trade group.

Every member counts!

This is the first newsletter and blog post for keeping everyone up to date.


Here is an overview of how to get started on My Trade Group.

Please, make sure you post a listing to offer your goods or services, make your needs and wants known in the wishlist area. Fill out your member profile so others have a sense of whom they're doing buisness. Next, send each other offers!  Make some deals, and let me know any suggestions you might have for improving the way this site works.  Remember this is a grass roots, member driven group.

Currently Available for Trade by our Founding Members::

  • Website development
  • Business coaching
  • Accounting
  • Tutor
  • Texas longhorn ground beef
  • Greenhouse glazings
  • Natural stone fireplace
  • One gallon planting pots
  • Computer support
  • Personal Gardener
  • X-Men #3 comic book
  • Seamstress extrodinaire
  • Best Painter in the World..So far
  • Labor
  • Beth Moore DVD's Daniel
  • Computer - Gateway 2000
  • Computer - Dell Optiplex GX260
  • Computer - Dell Optiplex GX520
  • Drums
  • Photos and photography
  • Pottery kiln
  • Paintings
  • Tattoos

In the Directory

It's important we all invite others to join, remember we can be paid in 'cash' if they go to full membership in the future. Make sure to invite those you know who are running their own business, consider contacting those who are already in your network of associates.  Once they join you can use MTG for making deals.

Join the conversation in the forum, or by commenting on articles, and get points.  Participation helps you gain more visibility in our communities online presence. We're soon to add a 'featured listing' space which will show up on almost all pages of the site, and points will be redeamable for advertising there.  Three hundred pionts gets you an upgrade to full membership.  As a member driven group, we're doing anything we can think of to encourage conversation, interaction, and feedback.

Vote for the location of the Official Launch Party!  This is your trade group and we wan to make decisions as a community.  We can set polls for anything, so send any suggestions you'd like to see voted on. As things progress, it'll be good to make key decisions by seeing what everyone wants.

Coming Soon::

  • Wishlists shown on profiles (currently you can see listings and forum posts, activites etc)
  • Video orientation and 'getting started' instructions
  • Seamless integration of invitation system and joining the trade site (no more 48 hr waiting period)
  • Tagcloud for listings and wishlists, so you can see who wants what you have and vice versa.

Kindly let me know your opinions, suggestions, and questions either in the forum or via direct message.

Very truly yours,

Joe 'Omni' Kneeland - founder/developer for, at your service.




  • Save Cash!
  • Move excess inventory
  • Build relationships
  • Expand your markets
  • Get more of what you want
  • Do more deals
  • Have fun!

Learn More

About MTG

With our friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues,

we're bringing together everyone we can.

Post your wishes and offers in the directory,

Make it your trade group.

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