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He who wants to barter, usually knows what is best for him” ~ African Proverb

You have what you have,
and sometimes, you'd rather have something else

Just as there's more than one way to say hello.., there's many more ways to commerce than strictly cash or other conventional payment methods.  At MyTradeGroup we do creative deals.


Barter is the exchange of goods or services without the use of money.  People have been bartering since the dawn of time.  Today, barter is still very popular (in fact booming) especially amongst the self employed, the homesteaders, and even the corporations and governments.  You probably do it too.

Some people barter 'garage sale items' like a used x-box or a bicycle.  Others barter their product that they also sell for cash on a daily basis.  These folks engage in what many call 'commercial barter'.  They are using barter as a marketing tool, quite literally.

We have a very slick version of our site for both droids and iphones. To access our site from your smarty pants phone, visit

From the mobile site you can view the barter directory, send offers, transfer credits, and keep in touch with your trade group.

Notifications are sent via email so you can keep up to date on all your negotiations and trades even when you're on the go.

To help ensure a real community, membership is by invitation only. We have a motivating invitation system, so please get this invitation from the person who told you about my trade group (they'll be rewarded).  Alternatively, you can contact any of our existing members and ask for the signu code.  Keep the signup code secret, don't post it in the forums..

As a last resort, You can request an invitation. Everyone is welcome, we just want to make sure you're in the MPLS/STP area. and that you're a real person with a real interest in joining our trade group.  And we want to reward the person who invited you, soon you can be rewarded for inviting others.

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Who's Prime

Barter and Trade is good for nearly everyone. Entrepreneurs, Farmers, Tradesmen, etc. Discover the margins.

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Barter Stories

Examples of great trades to help get your creative juices flowing.  Send in your barter stories for extra publicity.

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Get Together

Membership in MTG comes with an invitation to all our events, and even the option to throw a party!  Network and prosper.

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Trade Group

Join My Trade Group to make connections and form a solid community of economic liberty. It's what we're about.

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Hello and welcome to - where we're bringing together small business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs to facilitate community trade and alternative commerce. We've got a street team delivering invitations door to door, and in March we'll be sending out a direct mail campaign to recruit local food growers, accountants, printers, mechanics, and other special interests. Everyone is welcome to join and basic membership is free. Full membership includes the help of a barter facilitator, use of our network value trackers called Trade Credits, and strategic introductions to trade partners for profitable relationships.

Launch is set for ...

At which time the price of full membership will double, and we'll start lining up trades all day every day - for you. We'll send out an email announcement at launch time, and you can also enter your cell phone number to receive a text message notification. Until then, create your free account, post your free barter listing, and study the free ebook. There are no obligations with the free account, we're giving this away to entice everyone get the ball rolling with barter and trade. Signup Today!

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About MTG

With our friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues,

we're bringing together everyone we can.

Post your wishes and offers in the directory,

Make it your trade group.

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